My Story

My name is Michael Tilley. I've resided in New Hampshire my whole life. I love creating new music on a daily basis. My goal is for everyone who visits my site to experience what I've created and appreciate the work involved with each piece.

I've recently finished an album produced by myself. The title is "The Canvas" written by J.O.E.Y from the Seacoast area. The outcome of this piece of art is amazing.

More recently, a group of local hip hop artists have joined together to form a group called Kingdom. Our mission is to create a positive stigma with hip hop music. We aim to serve the community whether it be by creating good music to share with the community, to raise money for recovery from drug addiction, or to show support to our youth to always pursue your dreams. We spread love, music, positivity, and peace. 

I have just enrolled in Full Sail University's Audio Production program, and I am excited to learn more about the music production scene, so that one day I can pursue my own business and career with music production, performing, and doing what I love. 

Feel free to leave comments and feedback. Thank you for visiting.