Intruder Game Demo

November 2017

This month has been a journey for me. I have been working on sound designs for games. I have learned quite a bit in this months class. For starters, I was able to learn how to use yet another software, Wwise. Wwise gives you the ability to add your recorded or sampled sounds into different mix folders which generate how the sounds will be used. I had a difficult time at first figuring out how much sound should be used per section, also it was difficult to get all of the sounds to match up. After the first two weeks went by, I found it easier for myself to create these mix folders and assort the sounds properly. I found that some sounds didn't work as well as anticipated, but again it was a fun experience. Week 1 consisted of finding environment sounds to match the scenery. During week 2, I had to place computer sounds as well as sounds for player footsteps and other things in the rooms. Week 3 was actually the easiest. I only had to create one major sound with 5 combined sounds. And last but not least, there was week 4. This week was just preparing for a final mix. I will be able to use this portfolio if I ever come into a situation for creating game sounds or editing game sounds. I'm happy with what I have accomplished this month and below are the four videos showing what I came up with for sounds over the course of this month.

Thank you!